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2Pcs Breast Enlargement Cream

2Pcs Breast Enlargement Cream - outoff

2Pcs Breast Enlargement Cream

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2Pcs Breast Enlargement cream Bust Up Herbal Extracts Pueraria Bella Bust Firming Enhancement cream Safe Fast Sex Products 100g





One piece cream can use 2 weeks for one month,


three piece creams for one course,


one course last for two and a half month,


must continue to use so you can increase a cup.
Direction of usage:
apply a suitable amount of cream on your palm, with your warm hand, massage it around your breast in a circular motion until the cream is fully absorbed. Apply it twice per day for better result.
***some people will have the feeling of warm and "itchy" after applying, it is normal as Kigeline is functioning

1. For external use products, please do not swallow. After daub

2. Skin will feel slightly fever this belongs to the normal phenomenon, for kwai role of orange fruit extract, if the skin is relatively sensitive, suggest evaluating again after purchase.

3. After use, such as occurrence skin abnormal phenomenon, please stop using, and consulting a dermatologist.

4. This product does not suggest that pregnant women use.

5. If the skin has the wound, eczema, prurigo...And so on, do not use this product

6. Please put in infants and young children is not easy to achieve.

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