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OutOff Bike Bag Ultralight Waterproof Sports

OutOff Bike Bag Ultralight Waterproof Sports - outoff

OutOff Bike Bag Ultralight Waterproof Sports

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Note: water bag not included of this model


Light weight type

Keep you free and no burden anymore_03_04

Product information_06_07

Say no to invariable_09

8 Design highlights ensure your pleasant journey


Only 0.28kg, resistance to abrasion and ripstop_10

Keep your back dry and breathable

Lead air, breathable and moisture wicking_12

Splashing water proof

Nylon fabric with superior waterproof performance to protect the bag from splashing and keep dry_16

Resistance to abrasion Solid and durable

Do not have to worry the puncture maybe caused by sticker_16 (2)

Hidden storage bag

Fold it into hidden storage bag after using to make it easy to carry_18

Double layer of main space

Store things in different inner bags make things in order and more convenient_21

Moisturizing at any time 

Applicable to all kinds of outdoor activities_23

Fastened by the buckle  
 The water hose in the backpack  _25

Reflective system at night

High brightness keep you safer in night cycling_27

Structural analysis

Conform to human engineering design and comfortable straps alleviate burdens on shoulders_29

Backpack show_31_32_33

The strap along chest is adjustable

Free to adjust the straps tightness in cycling is very convenient

Straps for adjustment

Adjustable shoulder straps design give you more convenience_40

SBS brand zipper

SBS brand zipper, solid and durable, lower noise during sliding, fashion appearance_42

YNS brand buckle

Can be used normally under -50℃


S pattern breathable shoulder straps

Human engineering design make it fit closely to shoulders and keep balance_46

Waist support with zipper

Convenient to put commonly used items and save time and effort_48

Outdoor display_49_50



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