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OutOff 'Funky Ninja' V1 Sneakers

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  • The SuddenWhyps™ are constructed from breathable mesh for the optimal wearing experienceno suffocating feet and no sweating feet while wearing.

    The SuddenWhyps™ are the most comfortable stylish sneakers that YOU will ever wear, that is our claim, and we guarantee it.


    - Your feet will rest comfortably all day long.

    - Your feet will THANK YOU for staying fresh and cold inside.

    - You will feel as if you are wearing socks, that's how lightweight they are.

    - Your NEW SuddenWhyps™ will get everyone's attention, unbelievably beautiful.

    - Between 100 pairs of sneakers, YOUR SuddenWhyps™ will stand out.
    -You will wear them on any occasion;
    walkingrunningtrainingjoggingexercising in the gymsports (basketballsoccertennis, ...), partying, as they are perfect for literally anything and everything
    heckeven climbing!
    - You will even walk and run more often! Because the SuddenWhyps™ makes it fun and enjoyable!

    - You will look much taller, as the SuddenWhyps™ increase your height noticeably.
    You will feel very stable on the ground, the SuddenWhyps™ are wide but never bulky.
    - Do you enjoy running? Better, now you will enjoy running faster! Thanks to SuddenWhyps™ super lightweight build. Only 266g / 9.37 ounces!

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